COMETH Training Course

From omics data to tumor heterogeneity quantification

15-16 February 20201


This 2-day online course aims to train clinicians to the use of cutting edge computational methods to quantify tumor heterogeneity through a dedicated user-friendly web interface.

Details and program available on the website

Course Format

2-day online sessions with general lectures and practical training.

General lectures will cover:

  • Introduction to cancer heterogeneity

  • Introduction to computational methods

  • Interpretation and visualization of the results

Online Analysis of Clinician Dataset

Participant will be able to analyse their own clinical dataset using the user-friendly COMETH web interface.

After aknowledgement of the Data Security FAQ, they will be requiered to send the Data Analysis Consent Form available through the submission system. There are step-by-step instructions here.

For participants who are unable to provide their own dataset for analysis, the COMETH Winter School can provide a training dataset that will best fit the applicant's need.

Registration Fees

 The COMETH Training program is open free of charge to all Health Professional,  Research Scientists and Students with a general background in omics data.

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